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Бесплатная графика » Уроки » PhotoshopCAFE - HDR and Photoshop High Dynamic Range Imaging

PhotoshopCAFE - HDR and Photoshop High Dynamic Range Imaging
Опубликовано: 30 апреля 2011
Просмотров: 262

PhotoshopCAFE - HDR and Photoshop High Dynamic Range Imaging
Language: English | FLV, 960x600 | 2.5 hrs | 480.16 MB

Colin Smith

Learn how to extend the dynamic range of any Photograph!

Have you ever looked at a stunning HDR image and wondered, “how did they do that?” Wonder no more! This video will serve as your easy to follow and informative guide to the world of HDR. You will be getting results better than you dreamed of with maximum ease. Colin explains in Plain-English all you need to get going in HDR.

When used correctly the 32 bit tools in Photoshop will enable you to create drop-dead gorgeous images with effortless ease. You will also learn some clever tricks that will enable you to boost the dynamic punch of Low Dynamic images. You’ll be able to supercharge any image with this bag of tricks in your arsenal.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not just a trend. It’s the future of Photography. Get a jump start on the newest Photographic technology with this 2.5 hour guide and learn why as well as how!

Q: Does this DVD work for CS4?
A: Adobe didn't change a thing with 32 bit imaging in CS4 so thisDVD works perfectly for CS2, CS3 and CS4.

(In fact it's the best out there). Colin creates the official videos for HDRSoft (Photomatix)

The images speak for themselves!
see more HDR results

Includes everything you need to get started!

All source photos and trial versions of Photomatix Plug-in for Mac and Windows are on the disk.

The Author

Colin Smith is founder of the #1 PhotoshopCAFE online community which has received over 20 million visitors.

Colin has Authored/Coauthored 18 books. He has won numerous awards including 3 Guru awards. He’s been nominated for the Photoshop Hall of Fame twice. Colin is a regular columnist for Photoshop User Magazine. He’s been featured in almost every major imaging magazine, and is in high demand as a speaker at major industry events including Flash Forward and WPPI . He consults such companies as ABC Disney, Apple and Adobe

[size=3]All Lessons[/size]

Intro to HDR 4:16

(HRDI) High Dynamic Range imaging explained. What is HDR and why do we need it?

Faking Split Neutral Density 6:39

Achieving Extended Dynamic Range by using on camera filters. How to achieve the same result in Photoshop.

Masking Layers 12:44

Painting with light and shadow. Use layers and masks to paint your perfect exposure.

Adjustment Layer Masks 7:15

Using the masks that come with adjustment layers for a quick fix.

Pseudo Bracketing 2:33

How to fake a bracketed shot.

Pseudo Masking 5:23

Use a Pseudo bracket image with masks to extend the dynamic range.

Pseudo HDR 3:22

Creating an HDR image from a single RAW file.

Shooting for HDR 4:48

7 tips for shooting HDR images.

Merge to HDR 7:50

Use Photoshop to create true 32-bit HDR images.
See free tutorial on HDR

Photoshop in 32 Bits 4:02

Photoshop’s a bit different in 32 bit mode. Learn about Photoshop’s 32 bit tools.

Global Operator Modes 8:00

Tone mapping your HDR photos using the first 3 Modes in Photoshop.

Photoshop Local Adaption 12:19

Master the HDR curve and get the very best results from your HDR images

Photoshop 32 bit Adjustments 8:48

Avoid the pitfalls and maximize your results in Photoshop.

Eliminating Ghosting 7:39

A sneaky trick to eliminate ghosting in the 32 bit space.

Photomatix Tone Mapping Overview 9:21

Unleash the powerful Photomatix tone mapping plug-in for Photoshop.

Extreme Tone Mapping 7:54

Create drop-dead stunning images by tone mapping

Natural Tone Mapping 5:40

Pull the most natural result from your images. Natural looking photos that resemble what you saw the moment you clicked the shutter.

Tone Mapping and Photoshop Workflow 4:40

Use Photomatix Tone Mapping and Photoshop’s tools together for the best results.

Photomatix Pro 3 overview and Batch Processing 7:01

Learn how you can save hours by batch processing your HDR photos. A bonus tour of Photomatix pro. Use the code for a 15% discount.

Our Easy to Use Interface is the best in the industry

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