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Бесплатная графика » Уроки » PhotoshopCAFE - Adobe Camera Raw 6 For Digital Photographers

PhotoshopCAFE - Adobe Camera Raw 6 For Digital Photographers
Опубликовано: 27 апреля 2011
Просмотров: 314

PhotoshopCAFE - Adobe Camera Raw 6 For Digital Photographers
English | 6.7 Hours | 960x600 | H264 | 10fps 366kbps | AAC 64kbps | 1.8GB

Jack Davis
6.7 Hours $99.00

With Photoshop CS5's new ACR 6, Adobe has introduced tools that have the power to completely change the way we shape our photography. Instead of working one image at a time, one step at a time, now the vast majority of our photographic finishing can be done quickly, elegantly and nondestructively in one place! - without even opening Photoshop! This includes such universal tasks as dodging & burning, skin softening or even targeted sharpening! That's what Adobe Camera Raw 6's Localized Correction tools have brought with it to yield a highly increased workflow. You will have to see these techniques in action to understand just how powerful they are.

Total Run Time: approx 6.7 hours

The Author

Jack is co-author of the award-winning and best-selling guide to Photoshop, "The Photoshop Wow! Book," as well as an award winning designer / illustrator / photographer and contributing editor to numerous other books on digital imagery, design, and on-line communication. He is an internationally recognized expert on digital imagery and the visual communication process. He has lectured at conferences and universities throughout the US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil and Australia, as well as leading numerous workshops around the US and abroad. He teaches as part of the "Dream Team" at the National Association of Photoshop Professional's Photoshop World Conferences. Jack was recently inducted into the NAPP Photoshop Hall of Fame.

All Lessons

Section 1 : The Enhanced Adobe Camera Raw Interface

Welcome to Incredibly Quick Quality and Creativity!

Welcome to AC6 for Digital Photographers. Processing files in ACR is an incredible powerful, non-destructive way to transform your images.

Bridge Workflow Lifesaving Essentials

In this lesson Jack will show you how he customizes bridge to make ita more useful tool, plus Jack will go over the steps to his workflow.

ACR Workflow Lifesaving Essentials

Learn the interface, panels, and the general settings that you will want to use in Adobe Camera Raw.

Global Optimizing in ACR

Learn Jack's 4 Step Tango that he applies to every image he works with in ACR. You will start to learn how to make global and non-destructive changes to your images.

Curves in ACR

Although they are not always needed, Curves can be used in ACR to make fine adjustments, and are a great way to get your images all the way there.

Color Control

Learn how to change the colors in your images, whether you want to change the sky, the background, or just warm up your subjects, this is how it is done.

Global Sharpening and Detail

Digital images are inherently soft and need to be sharpened. It is a vital part of giving your images a finished look. Learn how to do it without overdoing it.

Noise Removal

The detail tab has some mindbendingly cool abilities to remove noise from your photographs, a must know technique if you like shooting at night or in high ISO settings.

Camera Profiles

In this lesson you will learn about camera profiles and how to tweak them in ACR so you have complete control how your RAW files will appear.

Lens Correction

In ACR 6.1 Adobe has introduced built in Lens Correction. You will be able to easily correct for lens or barrel distortion, or create it if you desire.

Targeted Enhancing Overview

Learn how to use the graduated FIlter panel to create specific adjustments in your photos such as darkening the sky in a photo.

Graduated Filter and Directing Light

Will will take the awesome technique you just learned even further to deepen your understanding of just what ACR can do.

Graduated Filter and Tinting

Jack takes you even deeper into the graduated filter panel and shows you how adding a tint to your image can add beauty and emotion.


Here you will learn how to create a vignette in your photos using the Graduated Filter panel

Adjustment Brush and Shaping LIGHT - for Landscapes

Learn how to use the Adjustment Brush to make targeted adjustments to your photos

Adjustment Brush and Shaping LIGHT - for Portraits

Here we will use the Adjustment Brush to "shape" the light and add more dimension to your photographs.

Adjustment Brush and Shaping FOCUS

In this lesson, we will use the adjustment brush on a bride to show how to use this technique to draw attention to the bride's face and create a pleasing portrait.

Dodge a Portrait

Here we learn how to do this classic darkroom technique inside of ACR. Plus you will learn another use for the adjustment brush; to add more depth to your portraits.

Using the Adjustment Brush on Skin

No one has perfect skin, In this lesson you will learn how to remove blemishes with the healing brush. You will also learn how to add a glow to make skin look great.

Altering Depth of Field in ACR

With this new functionality in ACR, we will be able to change the depth of field in images.

Changing the Focus

Another example of how we can change the apparent focus of an image using the adjustment brush in ACR.

Healing - To REMOVE

An incredible tool for retouching inside of ACR, you will also learn when it is time to jump over in to Photoshop. Great for removing unwanted elements in your photos.

Healing - To REDUCE

In the lesson Jack will go over how to use the spot removal brush to remove the shine that sometimes shows up on faces, the end result is great looking skin.

Cloning - To REPLACE

Learn how to use the Spot Removal Brush set to the clone option. Used on sheep here, but can be used to duplicate any part of an image.

Retouching Unleashed

Learn just how far you can go with retouching in ACR, learn the tools and their limits.

Black & White and Grain Sculpting

Learn the right way to create stunning black and white images from your RAW files

Black & White Conversion - Portrait.

Converting to B&W can be a different process when you have a person involved, learn how to make the adjustment While keeping a natural looking skin tone.

Split toning

Learn how to create Split toning effects inside of ACR. Yet another classic photographic technique made easy in the digital world.

Antiquing Color

By just using the clarity, vibrance and saturation sliders you can create this special effect of making your photos feel like they were taken years ago.

Split Toning Part 2 - Duotone

ack takes the technique even further to show you how to "Re-color" a B&W image.

Reduced Color

In this lesson jack shows you another application of the previous technique. The end result is a muted color photo with a dreamy glow.

Selective Re-coloring

Learn how to create a mixed B&W/Color image.

Selective Re-Coloring Part 2

Learn how to get really specific with bringing back some color to you B&W images.

High Key Glows

Learn how to create a high key glow in your portraits, a great technique for adding glamour to your shots.

Illustrative Edge and Faux HDR

In this lesson you will learn a faux HDR or exaggerated grunge look. This technique will add an illustrative look to your images.

Hand Tinting

Learn how to use the tools in ACR to paint in a hand tinted look, super cool and super fun to do.

ACR to Photoshop and Back!

Learn when you want to jump over to Photoshop, and also when you want to jump back to ACR

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